Agrominne is a ‘renowned’ name in the world of inland shipping. Since the foundation in 1902 by L. Minne, this company has specialised itself as transport organiser. This trade was handed over from father to son and resulted in a steady growth.
In 2010, Agrominne combined it strengths with Maaskade Bevrachters.

Apart from acting as transport organiser, Agrominne also acts as ship broker or agent. We are flexible, because we do not make use of a permanent fleet, but transport cargo on the basis of SPOT. For the latter we mainly use our permanent ‘company related individuals’.

Our tonnages vary from 250 mt to 6,700 mt for dry bulk, ,such as agri(culture), fertilizers, ore, coals, steel, aluminium, cellulose, project cargos, and packed cargo.

We are at home in the areas of operation of East and West Europe, on the waterways of the ARAG area, the Rhine, Donau and Seine.